Square Enix may come up with multiple games in coming months

Square Enix is planning to announce multiple games, which were originally scheduled for its E3 2020 conference, by the end of August. This week, Square Enix had its quarterly earnings call with investors, which was reported on by Japanese news outlets and translated by Gematsu. During the meeting, a Square Enix spokesperson is quoted as saying: “We would normally announce new games at E3, yes. We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement event, but were unable to do so since assets were not complete. At this point though, Square Enix has had a bit more time to prepare trailers, art and other assets for major announcements. As a result, the publisher will be “announcing new titles individually”, with several set to be revealed from July to August. Square Enix recently announced Project Athia at the PS5 reveal event, a new action-adventure game designed exclusively for PS5 then its most recent release was Final Fantasy VII Remake which has received positive reviews overall from fans and media. So we can expect multiple game announcements from Square Enix in the weeks ahead.Square Enix hasn’t provided any guesses as to what these titles might be, but it won’t be long until we find out!