‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ official trailer: There’s more than just one human spider

Imagine you’re able to spin webs out of your hands and also possess the ability to climb on walls as well as hop from one high-rise in the city to another. Sounds thrilling isn’t it? Our whimsical fantasies are just as unrealistic as its amusing to think. But Miles Morales is one lucky lad! The young schoolboy too dreams of becoming a Spider-Man and reveling in his supernatural abilities. Except, he does get to fulfill it unlike the poor us! In the first official trailer of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the African-American teenager’s routine, ho-hum college life is turned upside down when he encounters the friendly neighborhood hero one day, who then chaperones Morales on how to become a Spiderman like him. Unlike the previous movies and series based on the web-slinger, Sony Pictures¬†breathes new life into the Spiderverse with a story wherein anyone can be the Spiderman. And Morales, after his transformation into one, is startled to find out there are more like him. Into the Spider-Verse would feature Shameik Moore voicing the restless teen Miles Morales, while Jake Johnson will vocalise the original Spider-Man in the movie. There’s also Mahershala Ali as his Morales’ uncle while Liev Schreiber will be the voice of Kingpin, the central antagonist of the movie. The trailer is an amazing series of textured bright colours that give a new feel to the animation. It’s like flipping the pages of a comic book in 3D. Also, stay tuned till the end of the clip, for there’s a surprise appearance of a well-known Spiderman character who’s acquired spider-like powers too! Based on Marvel Comics, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will cast its entertainment web on 14 December 2018.