‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ official trailer: Friendly neighborhood vacationing in Europe as terror comes calling

Warning: Mild spoilers for Avengers: Endgame For those who’ve been crestfallen after watching Avengers: Endgame but at the same time ruminating what’s next, Sony Pictures just served a timely reminder by dropping the second official trailer of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Our beloved webslinger, who was successfully resurrected in Endgame with everyone else who was dusted by the snap, is still battling the loss of his guiding light Tony Stark. Happy Hogan shares the sentiment too. But Peter Parker soon jets off to Europe for a sojourn with friends as Ned, Michelle, Flash could be seen frolicking under a sun-kissed Florence. But soon, Parker’s vacation is cut short as Nick Fury comes calling with another job to do, introducing him to a certain Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, who’s apparently from “earth but not ours”. Directed by Jon Watts, Far From Home is set to produce another exciting superhero pair as Spider-Man and Mysterio join forces to fight Hydro and other evil shadows lurking on earth post-Thanos. There are subtle references to other Avengers in the movie, while Michelle also learns about Peter’s alter ego. And with Iron Man long gone, Mysterio steps in to explain the latter about the sacrifices a superhero has to make, and despite that, how lives would be lost. Spider-Man: Far From Home marks the first release since the culmination of the “Infinity Saga”, and looks like the stakes have hardly receded since Thanos’ defeat.