Sony YAY! celebrated “Love Your Pet” day with Honey Bunny on 20 Feb

Sony YAY! celebrated 20 February, “Love Your Pet Day” with their popular feline duo, Honey Bunny, to shower their love on beloved pets, by creating a platform for pet parents to have a deeper connect with their pets.

The kids broadcaster brought together animal behaviour experts to create conversations about pet nuances. It helped the audience understand the deeper meaning behind a seemingly normal conduct of their pets and helped them understand their furry friends better.

Experts at the event

 The conversation was led by experts- Upper Vets director Pramod Meshram, Feline Club of India secretary Fakhruddin Motiwala and Feline Club of India VP Bobby Wankhede. The discussion with the experts made pet owners realise how little things can have such a profound meaning for their pets. The experts shared insights on the best ways to handle pets, do’s-and-don’ts and also how having pets moulds kids’ lives differently.

The gathering saw pet owners happy to pick up new tips to improve their bond with their pets. TV child actress, Ruhaanika Dhawan joined the fun and interacted with her fans and audience adding to the fervour.

The day ended with fans clicking lots of pictures with Honey Bunny and shaking their leg with their favourite toons.