Sony plays a master stroke by confirming ‘PS4 Neo’ before the commencement of E3

After months and weeks of, speculation, hype and rumours it has been finally confirmed that Sony is indeed working on their upgraded version of PS4, codenamed ‘Neo’ and nicknamed PS4.5 and PS4K. During an interview with the Financial Times, PlayStation, chief executive, Andrew House revealed that the company was indeed working on a “high-end PS4”, which will have a higher price tag than that of PS4. PS4It was also revealed that, users would be able to experience a 4K resolution in the games as opposed to the standard 1080p. House further explained that the upcoming version will feature better visual capacity over the current PS4. Both the versions will be running side by side and all the games will be supported by both the versions, including the upcoming VR headset. However, it has also been established by House that, the upcoming version or any information about it won’t be revealed at E3 which makes the wait a little longer. Earlier, in January this year, Microsoft had revealed that their console, Xbox One had reached a sales figure of around 19 million. Following that, Sony released their sales statistics, which eclipsed the counts of Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U by a large margin. According to the report, Sony had already sold 40 million copies of their PlayStation 4 console. Now the thing that is to be seen is whether Microsoft reveals its upgraded version of Xbox nicknamed ‘Scorpio’ at E3 to stay in the game and try to give Sony’s PS4 or Neo a tough competition. After the official confirmation from PlayStation, there will be pressure on Microsoft to up their game and we can surely expect E3 to be full of exciting events.