Snoop Dogg and MERRY JANE launches esports tournament series ‘Gangsta Gaming League’

Snoop Dogg and MERRY JANE have announced the launch of a new, LIVE esports competition series, Gangsta Gaming League presented by MERRY JANE and hosted by Snoop Dogg and comedian Dan Rue. The Gangsta Gaming League (GGL) consists of an eight person bracket-style tournament featuring EA Sports hit game, Madden NFL 2019. The ‘playas’ are eight of Snoop’s closest gaming friends competing to be crowned the Top Dogg of the GGL and win a share of the $11,000 pot. There will also be a bonus round giving the champ a chance to increase his winnings if he can beat the Boss Dogg.
The first in the series of live esports tournaments will be broadcasted live on multiple Snoop and MERRY JANE platforms, including Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook today at 5PM PT (8PM ET)onwards. Viewers across the world can watch the live stream, comment on the gameplay and interact with Snoop and all the players competing in the tournament, which will be held live at Snoop’s Compound in Los Angeles, California. the tournament will also feature┬áhilarious commentary from Snoop and Dan, beautiful women cheering on the players, and plenty of the GGL will be the dankest live gaming tournaments on the Internet.