Snapchat brings a new filter for ‘Harry Potter’ fans

The boy who lived, the wizard who defeated the ‘dark lord’, our beloved Harry Potter gets a tribute from Snapchat on his birthday, which falls on 31 July. Snapchat is celebrating the wizard’s birthday with a new filter, and it is fun for the quidditch lovers. The app has released a program that lets your bitmoji represent your Hogwarts house. These bitmojis will fly around the screen, being every bit the magical game we love. Snapchat’s fondness for pop culture bitmoji extends to the Harry Potter universe now. It’s not complicated and you might even appreciate the customisation. The users get to choose their Hogwarts house in addition to the regular appearance. Harry Potter was introduced in 1997 by J. K. Rowling and has been a hit since then. With seven books which were converted into eight movies, the franchise is only growing day by day. This new feature from Snapchat is an addition to the already decked up wizard world. The feature will be available to android and iOS users worldwide through the lens carousel. Take a look at your Hogwarts house!