Six reasons why ‘Big Hero 6’ deserved to win the Oscar!

The moment the winner for the ‘Best Animated Feature’ category was announced at the 87th Academy Awards, it was a pleasant surprise (mostly unpleasant for many). No one in their wildest of dreams even gave this Walt Disney Animation Studios production a chance to bag the prized golden statuette. But hold on, when the same studio won the biggest honour last year for the most successful film from its studios yet – Frozen – no one raised the question of whether it deserved to win it then, so why now? We at could only reason that simply put, the quality of the films nominated in the category this time around were far superior than the earlier year (Frozen, The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Ernest & Celestine and The Wind Rises) and thus each one of the nominees had a rightful claim on the top prize. So, what really set apart Walt Disney’s Big Hero 6 from the rest of the nominees? We attempt to answer this question by stating ‘6 reasons’ for this feature to deserve the Oscar.
The Marvel Effect This is for the very first time that a Disney Animation Studios production has featured Marvel Comics characters in a feature film. Ever since being acquired by Walt Disney Studios way back in 2009, Marvel Studios has released 10 films under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner; beginning with Iron Man (2008) right up to the last year’s superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). There is some history already in the making when Disney and Marvel release a film together. With Big Hero 6 that bond has only further proven to be a potent formula for delivering a hit product, with plans already afoot for a sequel to this Don Hall and Chris Williams directorial. The film holds the honour of being the second highest grossing animated feature film of 2014, second only to DreamWorks Animation’s mega tentpole How To Train Your Dragon sequel with over $500 million cumulative box-office figures. Touching Storyline   Walt Disney Animation Studios has always been recognised for its simple yet touching stories; it has produced animated features in a series of animation techniques, including traditional animation, computer animation and animation combined with live action scenes. The studio’s first film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released way back in December of 1937 and it has ever since given birth to 54 animated feature length films. Its 55th feature – Zootopia – is currently under production and is set for a 4 March, 2016 release. The story of Big Hero 6 concerns a young prodigy who develops a special bond with his older brother’s creation called ‘Baymax’; an inflatable robot designed to serve as a personal health companion. But when Hiro discovers his own creation being used for evil purposes, he transforms ‘Baymax’ and his friends into a band of high-tech heroes to take on the person responsible. Now, that’s a story worth a million bucks ($521 million to be precise and counting) Epic Characters Disney has forever given us timeless tales; but something more that it has managed to do over these years is to give us some of the most memorable and unique characters through its films. Big Hero 6 is no different; Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi Hamada are very grounded characters, but when the going gets tough they can really take the fight to their opponents, this comes across evidently through the brief duration that both of them share screen time. Baymax, arguably the studio’s most loveable and huggable character yet (It also won the accolade of being the most huggable character of 2014). An inflatable robot built to serve as a healthcare companion (how cool is that); the fact that his character is a robot limits how one can emote, but (Scott Adsit) has everyone in splits throughout the film. Baymax’s expression of emotion and sense of humor really worked for the other voice casts to draw inspiration. Other characters of Fred – a laid-back comic-book fan, who also plays the mascot at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology; GoGo – a tough, athletic, adrenaline junkie; Wasabi – a smart, slightly neurotic, largely built neat-freak and Honey Lemon – a quirky chemistry whiz at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, all add to the plot and are some really well etched out characters for the film. Sound of Music Henry Jackman has composed the score for the film. The soundtrack features an original song titled Immortals written and recorded by American rock band Fall Out Boy. Music is an important element of all of Disney’s films be it for its live action features or animation and Big Hero 6 is no exception. The film has a very hummable soundtrack, but at the same time the arrangements really enhance the overall experience of the film. Technicalities The 3D animation is absolutely gorgeous, for each frame is rendered in meticulous detail with expert use of colour contrast, saturation and sharpness to provide an intensely vibrant look to the whole picture. Camera-work is brilliantly carried out for its pretty dynamic action sequences, while more relaxed during dramatic moments. Editing briskly paces the whole story while Henry Jackman’s score further enhances the experience (as mentioned earlier). And the Oscar goes to… On an overall scale, Big Hero 6 is a sweet, funny, touching and colourful saga of companionship that’s richly animated, skillfully narrated and emotionally fulfilling and has something in store for viewers of all ages. Chic in all departments, filled with heart and compassion, while exquisitely demonstrating the best of both Disney and Marvel in one action-packed feature that’s full of awe and admiration, Big Hero 6 continues Disney’s resurgence towards its lost glory and truly deserved every one bit to be this year’s finest animated feature film. Also Read: Walt Disney Animation Studios sweeps the ‘animation’ category at the 87th Oscars ‘Interstellar’ bags the Oscar for best visual effects at the 87th Academy Awards