Sega announces to launch Game Gear Micro on celebration of 60th anniversary

Sega has announced a mini version of the handheld Game Gear, the Game Gear Micro as part of the company’s 60 year anniversary celebrations. Called the Game Gear Micro, this 8-bit console is truly tiny –  just 80 mm wide and 43mm tall and it’s shown to be small enough to fit within the palm of a hand.It was Sega’s entry into the 90s handheld console market to combat Nintendo’s hugely successful Game Boy.
Unlike the original Game Boy though, the Game Gear had a proper color screen.The downside to this back then was that the Game Gear devoured batteries like crazy, which turned out to be an issue when competing with the more frugally powered Game Boy and later Game Boy Pocket. The Game Gear Micro will launch in Japan on 6 October 6 and cost roughly Rs. 3,453.69. There’s no word yet on a world-wide release date. As the name suggests, the Game Gear Micro is only 80mm wide, with a 1.15 inch screen. It will come in four colour variants, each with four different games installed on it.
  • Black: Sonic, Out Run, Royal Stone and Puyo Puyo Tsu.
  • Blue: Sonic & Tails, Gunstar Heroes, Sylvan Tale and Baku Baku Animal.
  • Yellow: Shining Force, Shining Force II, Shining Force: Final Conflict and Nazo Puyo Aruru no Ru.
  • Red: Game Gear Shinobi, Columns and both the Megami Tensei Gaiden games