‘Sausage Party’ trailer expresses terror with abusive expressions  

R-rated movies have their own way of enthralling the audience through their peculiar approach. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s upcoming animated feature Sausage Party has its own candid approach due to its outrageous expressions which can be seen in the trailer itself. Directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, and written by Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter, Seth Rogen and Ariel Shaffir, Sausage Party features the plight of Sausages and other food items personified as living creatures facing the turmoil of reality. The trailer begins with a grocery store filled with food items at display and humans bagging the foodstuffs. The different types of sausages are way excited to get home with humans as they separately lie packed in the store. They literally crave humans to pick them up unaware of the horrifying experience that is to come. Among the sausages too, there is a budding love story between one of the sausage named Frank and a hot dog bun. The sausages are terrified to their guts when they see the approach of murder by humans towards them and death haunting at their door.
What’s most interesting in the film is the expression of this terror and fear with the use of abusive language which is mute for the deadly humans. The trailer itself portrays the sausages expressing their anxiety in the most disturbing form which is somewhat a natural reaction to such a calamity. However, this kind of technique of inanimate objects coming to live unnoticeable to humans can be seen in Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. The animation is produced by Nitrogen Studios in Vancouver and seems to be a decent work as far as character creation and expressions are concerned. Moreover, it is a unique concept and probably not in par with the absurdness of the R- rated animated creation South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999). Produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Annapurna Pictures and Point Grey Pictures, Sausage Party has a voice cast of Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, James Franco, Salma Hayek, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton and Michael Cera. And the enticing background song Wiggle Wiggle by Jason Derulo keeps you hooked throughout the trailer and increases the hype for the R-rated movie. Sausage Party is set to release on 12 August, 2016.