Samsung clarifies why 120Hz display rate is essential for gaming and streaming

Smartphones with high refresh rate displays are optimal not just for gamers but also for users who watch videos on their smartphones since a high refresh rate makes video playback smoother, Samsung Electronics said recently. “A screen with a high refresh rate displays more images every second, allowing you to pick up the movements of your opponent’s character quicker and act that little bit faster. A 120Hz display shows a new image every 0.008 seconds,” said Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business engineer from the Display Group Michael Kim.
According to Samsung, the high refresh rate is a revelation when it comes to gaming, fighting games in particular in which, split-second decision making can prove the difference between victory and defeat and a display with a rapid refresh rate can provide users with a vital edge. While a 120Hz refresh rate serves to optimize a user’s gaming experience, the original goal behind developing this high screen refresh rate was to provide a better screen control environment, making it easier for users to touch, scroll and swipe their screens. “When users are scrolling on their display, the smoother the screen will flow, resembling the analog experience, the more comfortable it is to use,” explained Kim. The resulting effect is that of watching something happen in real life right before your eyes. In today’s market, most solutions offer displays with 60Hz refresh rates (60 images displayed per second), and any solution with a refresh rate higher than this is referred to as a ‘high refresh rate display.