Review: ‘Isle of Dogs’ will take you on an emotional ride

Looking for a cute, furry story? Sorry, you are on the wrong page. Isle of Dogs is something that touches hearts and makes you feel emotional and guilty at the same time. Guilty for not giving the same amount of love your pet has for you. A stop-motion animation feature, Isle of Dogs follows a dystopian Japan which is plagued with dog flu and has led to banishment of canines to a vast garbage-dump called Trash Island. The film revolves around a diseased community of mutts who are dumped on a trash island off the coast. They welcome us lamenting as outcasts from human society, eradicated from the city by the dog-hating authorities after an epidemic of canine flu – and fighting over a sack of maggot-infested food which drops from the sky. Disgusting? But so much real! 12 year old Atari, the nephew of the Mayor of Megasaki, in search for his beloved bodyguard dog, Spot reaches the Trash Island. There, with the assistance of a pack of newly-found canine friends, he begins an epic journey and the story begins! Flashback scenes used in the film along with the method of giving every scene the treatment of another chapter makes the picture pretty clear for the audience and gives us the background story. The storyline melts your heart with the perfect voice cast to set the mood and capture the emotions. Bryan Cranston as Chief has performed dynamically, making Chief my favourite. Tough from outside and warm inside, Chief sure makes love an understatement with the scene where Atari asks him to fetch the stick. Scarlett Johansson makes Nutmeg stand out with the feminine and seductive tone. Other noteworthy characters who fill the gaps are Edward Norton as Rex, Bill Murray as Boss, Jeff Goldblum as Duke, and Bob Balaban as King. The animation technique being simple yet catchy gives all the required charm to the film. The clay models are aptly created in a detailed fashion, making every character stand out. Minute details including the emotional eye contacts and the whistle sound make the movie connect more with us. The film doesn’t fail to showcase the love between the pet and their masters. Filled with humour and emotions together, it gives out many heart-warming moments. Isle of Dogs is creative, fun, charming, emotional and filled with sarcasm, making audience, especially pet owners leave the theatre with teary eyes. I assure you that you sure will rush home after the show to give your pet a big warm hug!