Relax yourself with Disney’s ‘Zenimation’

Disney launched its latest series, called Zenimation, a collection of shorts that combine clips from classic animated Disney movies with some soothing sound effects. The first season of Zenimation features 10 episodes, centered on themes like water, nature, discovery, and flight. The five to seven minute long episodes are an ASMR-style series of short videos that take clips from classic animated Disney movies and replace the usual dialogue, songs, and score with the realistic ambient noise that they would have in real life. Each short loops together art from some of the animated films with sound effects such as wind, rain, animal noises, and other soothing sounds. There is animation from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Lion King, Moana, Zootopia, Big Hero 6 and Frozen 2. Though Zenimation is arriving at a timely moment, the Walt Disney Animation Studios came up with the foundation for series at D23 Expo in 2019. They pulled together single scene vignettes without music or dialogue to share in the Disney Animation Booth during the fan convention. It came together so well that the idea evolved into Zenimation. Zenimation is available on Disney+ right now. With quarantine fatigue growing everyday, this is exactly what we all need- a peaceful, relaxing ambience!