Red Bull Flick – 2v2 ‘CS:GO’ tournament, open for amateurs and professional players

Red Bull Flick is the first-ever 2v2 CS:GO tournament open to amateurs and professional gamers. In its best-of-five match format, Red Bull Flick is a tournament designed to discover the fastest and most talented CS:GO players in the country. Red Bull Flick 2020 India qualifiers and national final dates: – Qualifier 1 (online): 6May Qualifier 2 (online): 9 May Qualifier 3 (online): 13 May Qualifier 4 (online): 16May Qualifier 5 (online): 20 May Qualifier 6 (online): 23 May National Finals (online): 30May Indian Counter-Strike Pro and Red Bull India’s first gaming athlete, Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth, encourages gamers to register,“Red Bull Flick is a great platform to showcase your aiming skills. India is known to have players with good aim but they find it difficult to make a team and compete. Red Bull Flick is a great initiative to help such gamers and put them out there. It will be a good kickstart for Indian gamers and I hope they make the most of it.“ Red Bull Flick 2020 India Rules & Regulations: • Participation open to anyone 16 years and older. • Two players required per team. • Maps: Castle, Garden, Speedway, Matrix and Himalaya. • Best-of-five (first to win three rounds on a map wins) • Deathmatch: Respawn Time = 0 Seconds • Round Timer is set to 2 minutes • Win condition: Capture and hold the Flag Area for 45 seconds, or have less time remaining than the opponent team after the end of the round • The Round Timer stops ticking whenever at least one player stands on the Flag Area • CT and T sides are indicated by blue and red colours • Live Timer Displays for players and spectators • Body and Head Armour provided • Grenades are indicated by a ground mark • Grenade respawn timer = 20 seconds • All qualifier matches are knockouts. • Only one team will progress from each qualifier to the national final