Reallusion and Persistant Studios partner iClone and PopcornFX for realtime VFX platform

Reallusion iClone and Persistant Studios’ PopcornFX release a new VFX plugin for production of realtime 3D particle effects equipped with specialised libraries and tools for customisation. PopcornFX, the multi-platform and cross-engine realtime particle effects industry leader for complex visual effects will now offer a fully-integrated, realtime VFX platform for every creator inside iClone. Users of iClone will now have access to VFX creation without the need to build everything from scratch, yet still have full control of style and performance for their effects. The all new VFX core enabled by PopcornFX and iClone, levels the playing field for indies and studios of all sizes to equip their projects with VFX with training and affordability for any size budget. “The whole team at PopcornFX has been really impressed by the work put in by Reallusion to integrate PopcornFX within iClone 7, with a dazzling end result. The close collaboration between the two teams was a continuous effort over the past few months and we’re all pleased iClone users can now enjoy the features and contents offered by the PopcornFX editor,” said chief technology officer of PopcornFX and Persistant Studios, Maxime Dumas. Reallusion and Persistant Studios collaborated closely for the PopcornFX engine integration with iClone’s lighting, physics, PBR materials and timeline animation systems; making a joint effort for this dedicated realtime 3D animation and VFX solution. Reallusion CEO Charles Chen quoted, “The integrated result of iClone and PopcornFX is phenomenal due to the invaluable teamwork with Persistant Studios. Now iClone users can design brand new VFX using the powerful PopcornFX editor. Reallusion has dedicated lots of effort to building five VFX tools that allow users to create custom particle effects without the need to write a single line of code. Additionally, we have produced a substantial amount of learning samples and training materials to get anyone started with this amazing technology.” Native PopcornFX projects can be directly imported into iClone, allowing professional designers to fully utilise this powerful script-based editor to create any possible particle behaviors, while exposing necessary control attributes back to iClone. To make VFX acquainted without coding, Reallusion has made an investment to design five exclusive emitter tools. Each of the five super tools are dedicated to one specific emitter type with all the crucial attributes, blend modes, and abilities to replace a custom mesh along with sound or sprite resources in order to generate unique visual effects. These tools are integrated with iClone physics, global illumination and self-cast shadows, as well as textures, sprites, and mesh import for maximum flexibility. The tools include mesh tool, texture tool, text tool, ribbon tool, and distortion tool. The learning sample library includes more than 50 application samples, functional projects, and quick video tutorials which are designed to demonstrate how to utilise the PopcornFX tools for real-life applications. Users can easily inspect the included resource files and attribute settings, or learn to modify them for unique innovations. The top 40 PopcornFX is a special collection of the most exciting particle designs provided by Persistent studios. More than just a content conversion, Reallusion has opened most of their custom resource import channels for unprecedented customisation capabilities, so users can add their own creativity by transforming one VFX library into another. PopcornFX plug-in for iClone includes PopcornFX super tools and PopcornFX learning samples 50 as a bonus. PopcornFX library 40 comes with Windows platform and download mode.