Ranveer Singh features on Tinkle’s cover

Tinkle, the most sought after kids’ magazine is loved by all age groups. Though targeted towards school children, the magazine is popular among adults too. Acquired by ACK Media, the magazine contains comics, stories, puzzles, quizzes, contests and features to keep the kids occupied. Apart from English, Tinkle is published in many other Indian languages. The characters from the magazine, including Supandi, Shikari Shambhu, Tantri the Mantri, Butterfingers, Kalia the crow, Pyarelal, Defective Detectives, Nasruddin Hodja, Ina, mina, Mynah, Mo and many others are a part and parcel of kids’ daily routine. With the enormous love shown towards this comic, it is now featuring the beloved celebrity Ranveer Singh. The cover features the Tinkle toons, Suppandi, Shikari Shambu and Tantri the Mantri taking a selfie with superstar Ranveer Singh which echoes the comic that’s inside. The illustration for the cover is done by Vineet Nair and is coloured by Raju Bansod. With the huge response garnered by the movie Simmba, Tinkle decided to dedicate a special cover featuring Singh. Simmba was loved nation-wide by the kids and this special issue will make Singh’s little fans know their favourite celebrity better. “Ranveer is a beloved figure and also a huge Tinkle fan. So young readers will be able to understand him better since the interview questions have been asked from a child’s point of view,” mentioned Tinkle editor-in-chief Rajani Thindiath and Tinkle business head Shriya Ghate. The centrespread of the upcoming issue have a comic and Tinkle Spotlight interview. The comic All In a Day’s Work takes place at the site of a film shoot, featuring Singh with Suppandi, Shambhu and Tantri. The comic story is conceptualised and written by Thindiath and the art is again done by Nair. Tinkle has already done many celebrity stories and interviews in the past such as Virat Kohli, PV Sindhu, Ruskin Bond and others. But this is the first time a celebrity is being featured on the cover to echo the comic story that has been carried inside. The special issue has an exclusive interview with Ranveer Singh, a one-page comic with the characters and also a Republic Day special story. Singh is a huge fan of Tinkle and has been reading the comic since he was a kid. Featuring on his favourite comic was an overwhelming experience for him. Singh quoted, “Tinkle is one of my fondest memories from my childhood. It has been so significant in our Indian culture. I wish the team of Tinkle all the very best for the future. Long live Tinkle.” Tinkle doesn’t have any plans of doing some comic similar to Simmba, but the readers will sure get some great comic stuff to munch on.