Rainshine Entertainment acquires significant stake of Kinsane Entertainment

Global digital entertainment company, Kinsane Entertainment has announced that Rainshine Entertainment has acquired a significant stake in the company. Co-founded by Kurt Inderbitzin, Indrani Pillai and Saahil Bhargava, Kinsane Entertainment is focused on the age group two to 15 year old and their families. Established in early 2018, Kinsane Entertainment has a 360-degree approach to developing its children and family-focused universes, that includes building the franchises through a mix of videos and games.  Since its inception, the company has launched two popular universes that include KinToons, a pre-school focused universe that has over 50 million views and 150,000 subscribers of its videos across VOD platforms such as YouTube and ROKU with over one million downloads of its games across app stores. Speaking on the acquisition, Kinsane Entertainment co-founder and CEO Inderbitzin said, “Rainshine Entertainment’s acquisition of Kinsane is a testament to the kids and family-focused content brands that we have created through engaging videos and games. This partnership will enable us to expand our offerings, thereby taking our brands to newer markets and producing additional compelling new formats in the near future.” Kinsane’s kids and family-focused universe, Otto in the Middle, launched first in the form of games, has 1.2 million downloads across the app stores. It is an animated show that was recently showcased at the Asia TV Forum (ATF) 2018 in Singapore as part of the ‘Fresh content from India’ panel. Kinsane further plans to launch two brand new family focused animated shows: Joan Alone and Eru and the Ghost Kingdom along with a wide variety of delightful and cutting-edge games built around each of these universes. Rainshine Entertainment chairman and CEO Neeraj Bhargava commented, “Kinsane is a young company with an exceptionally talented team and incredible accomplishments of building significant properties like KinToons on YouTube along with globally popular games based on some very well-etched and lovable characters.  We are very excited about working with their team, helping them grow their existing character brands while producing new, alluring content that captures the imagination of kids and families globally.” Kinsane’s team comprises renowned creators and experienced leaders from the global media and entertainment industry. With the recent investment from Rainshine Entertainment, the company aims to be one of the leading players in the global family entertainment industry.