Fashion VR video ‘Mera Joota Hai Japani’ sees a “Wedding” of Qyuki Media and Flipkart

Qyuki Media has collaborated with Flipkart to bring its newest creation – a 360-degree fashion video titled ‘Mera Joota Hai Japani’ with spatial audio featuring the digital superstar Arjun Kanungo. In this all-round immersive experience, the new song used a refreshed rendition of the classic hit. Spatial sound allows the user to hear a different version of the soundtrack by simply turning around. This technology has never been used by a brand in a music video before. The interactive content allows the viewer to explore 360 degrees of the video to see the latest fashion trends from Flipkart in an innovative manner. Through this video, Qyuki and Flipkart have created a groundbreaking concept for brands and enabled Flipkart to deliver a special 360 degree video with different audio themes to its customers. Combined with the technological prowess of YouTube, the video is a showcase of cutting-edge innovation on the internet. This is the third in a series of projects Qyuki has been spearheading with Flipkart, after a successful gamified music video with Rapper Ishq Bector and a second track with musical duo Maati-Baani.
Qyuki co-founder and MD Samir Bangara
Qyuki co-founder and MD Samir Bangara shared, “We have created a brand new way of consuming content for Flipkart. It is not only important to innovate on the ideas end but also on the technology front. With Flipkart, we have created a stellar experience that will transport customers to an immersive world of fashion to pique their curiosity. We are stoked to be associated with a strong brand who has its customer’s best interests at heart.” Flipkart CMO Shoumyan Biswas commented, “Flipkart is the market leader in fashion amongst all online businesses. Our vision is to be India’s most preferred destination for trendy and affordable fashion and our category communication task is to ‘Democratise Trendy Fashion’ for every Indian consumer.” “In our endeavour to showcase trendy fashion in an interesting and innovative format, we have engaged with Qyuki and Google to come up with a first of a kind 360 degree music video that combines a new technology with the evergreen music classic “Mera joota hai japaani” and latest fashion trends. Our fashion is for everyone and hence we wanted the right technology to enable the same being experienced by all. This video will revolutionize the way consumers across various demographics view and experience trendy fashion,” Biswas said.