Qualcomm Technologies launches Snapdragon Conquest Season Two: ‘Free Fire’ Pro Series

Qualcomm Technologies has announced the launch of Snapdragon Conquest Season Two, an invitational Free Fire Pro Series tournament for gamers in India. The competition will witness 24 professional mobile gaming teams battling it out through the three stages of the tournament: League, Wild Card, and Grand Finale.

The official game for this season is Free Fire, a skill-based mobile battle royale game developed and published globally by Garena. The tournament will see, four-player teams compete against each other in Free Fire’s Battle Royale Squad mode, utilising in-game resources to win. The tournament will continue till October 2021 with live broadcasts of the various stages, also providing aspiring gamers and esports enthusiasts the opportunity to follow their favourites, learn and upskill themselves by watching pro -gamers at their best, compete.

Launched in November 2020, the Snapdragon Conquest tournament is Qualcomm Technologies’ initiative to engage with and nurture promising talent in the fast-growing mobile gaming landscape. Since its launch, the tournament has become a popular platform for mobile gaming enthusiasts from a wide range of socioeconomic tiers and demographics. In Season One, the fans witnessed some power-packed gameplay from the team ‘4Unknown’ who took home the lead award of Rs 20 Lakh.

The  Snapdragon Conquest Season Two: Free Fire Pro Series will witness more energy, stronger competition, agile perseverance, and edge-of-the-seat gameplay by professional teams across India. The tournament will be broadcast live on YouTube in Hindi, English and two other regional languages. The competition goes live on 3 September 2021.