Punjab teen spends 2 lakh rupees from grandfather’s pension account on PUBG mobile

This teen from Punjab allegedly made a Paytm account using his grandfather’s documents to make purchases in PUBG Mobile.

Fresh off the heels of the incident that saw a Punjab teenager spending Rs 16 lakh from his parents account on PUBG Mobile, another similar incident has surfaced. This new incident saw another Pujnab teen from the small town of Mohali spending 2 lakh rupees  his grandfather’s pension account. This new incident shows that this has become a recurring problem with some teens in India.
The addiction of PUBG Mobile is on the rise as another similar case has emerged just like the last one. Another teenager from Mohali region of Punjab, India made use of his grandfather’s pension account to make in-game item purchases worth 2 Lakh Rs in PUBG Mobile. According to a report from The Tribune India, the teenager started playing the game in the month of January. “He learnt to make online transactions inside the game with the help of a bank account from one of his school seniors”, says his uncle. He even told that the teenager had bought a brand-new SIM card just to play the game. PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency, also known as UC (Unknown Cash) allows the players to buy several clothes, weapon skins, premium crates and much more inside the game. He reportedly used his grandfather’s documents to verify the account and make the online payments. Grandfather’s bank account was made by the family for pension deposits. As per the sources, this teenager who hails from Mohali made around 30 transactions in the last two months to spend 55,000 Indian Rupees in the game. He was using a Paytm account made on the name of his grandfather to buy the UC. His family got to know about what was going on when they did a routine check on grandfather’s bank account statement. The boy revealed that he had spent over 2 Lakh Indian Rupees for in-app purchases in PUBG Mobile. He even acknowledged that he had given the senior a fair amount of money to purchase items in the game. As per the family, the teenager was lured by his senior to indulge in such activities and they have even filed a complaint against the senior who lives in a small region of Mohali district, Zirakpur.