‘PUBG Mobile’ Season 14 details, trailer leaked

As  PUBG Mobile Season 13 is coming to an end Season 14 is set to commence immediately. And now details about the next season has been leaked by Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. As for the details that are confirmed, PUBG Mobile Season 14 will bring the new Livik map. This was only available in closed beta and the devs made it official recently on social media. PUBG Mobile confirmed that the secret map is called Livik Map. And now the developers have shared a new tweet which announces that the upcoming update 0.19.0 will be released on 7 July.
Mr Ghost Gaming shows a short 1-minute clip that is said to be the official trailer for Season 14. It starts with a car chase in a desert in what seems to be Mad Max skinned vehicles. It also shows off a couple of new player skins, headgear, and costumes that may be part of the new Royale Pass. It then shows some clips of the new Livik map and its different areas including a volcano and some snowy mountains. The YouTuber also shared that there will be a new skin for the M24 sniper rifle in Diamond Tier in Season 14 and the 100RP rewards include a helmet skin, an M416 assault rifle skin, a Dacia and a UAZ vehicle skin.