‘PUBG Mobile’ introduces seven days of stay home challenge in India

The makers of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games has introduced a new seven days challenge in India named ‘7 Days of StayHome’ challenge . This new event in the game has been modeled asking players to stay at home. Various gaming companies are working with the WHO in the #PlayApartTogether initiative. With this initiative, the gaming companies are providing interesting incentives to ensure players stay at home. Social distancing has become a necessity with the coronavirus threat looming large. The ‘7 Days of StayHome’ challenge will be held on the game’s Indian social media platforms, and it will cover a number of in-game activities including topical quizzes, trivia challenges, art-based contest, and in-game battles. These activities will give participants a chance to win UC, rare outfits, classic coupons, bonus challenge coupons, and more. This challenge will also include a community match where participants get a chance to fight it out for 17000UC. PUBG Mobile is also giving its community to win rewards as part of its second-anniversary celebrations. Players are invited to compete in classic mode daily missions to acquire controllers, which in turn can be redeemed for in-game prizes. On top of this, once redeemed, players will have the possibility to receive rewards such as RP S12 mission card, snowboard set, supply crate coupon and more. Till 12 April  players will get additional UC from lucky crates for the purchase of any amount of UC. This means that anyone who purchases any amount of UC will get one lucky crate that contains guaranteed 10UC extra. Further, those who purchase at least 60UC will get two lucky crates containing guaranteed 60UC extra and up to 150UC extra.