PUBG introduces digital lock to curb gaming addiction

 PUBG has introduced a new feature to curb gaming addiction among minors and cyberbullying. The new feature that the developer Tencent has introduced is a digital lock-in PUBG which requires parents to unlock the game for users below the age of 13. The new feature would be first introduced in the Chinese version of the app and also in Honour of Kings, another Tencent game.  The developer has to introduce this feature as the Chinese government’s pointed out on the rise of gaming addiction amongst Chinese youth. The government has also announced certain controls on many online games and has introduced new rules on gamers under an age group to reduce the screen time and addiction. Not only China but India also received a lot of criticism in India due to growing cases of addiction and violent behaviour amongst youngsters. Parents have complained about the game’s addictive nature and even sought the game to be banned in the country. Several government organisations had sent a notice to schools in their states to ban the game. According to parents PUBG games have criticised for advertising immoral conducts such as misogyny, violence, murder, aggression, and looting. It has been banned from schools in Gujarat. An 11-year old child from Maharashtra appealed to the state and the central governments to ban the game. Though the digital lock feature has not been released in India, and it is expected it will be available to India soon considering the backlash, of promoting violence and addiction in children.