Project XCloud Android preview to be rolled out in more countries including India soon

In November Microsoft announced that it would be bringing the Project XCloud Android preview to more countries, including Canada, India, Japan, and Western Europe. It seems as though they might be ahead of schedule. “The content library we have that runs on console and the community that’s attached to it is very compelling. So we are giving that access to people who only have a smartphone device. I think that’s the magic,” said Microsoft Gaming Cloud corporate vice president Kareem Choudry . Although the trial version is there on Google play store but it is yet to be open for the Indians. Microsoft’s experiment with Xcloud will depend upon India’s internet infrastructure  to run its streaming service, with India focusing more to improve it. Emerging economies such as India, China, and others are the new destinations for gaming businesses to expand their empire and to reach billions of users. The free preview of the service will begin in India next year.