Prices of the Xbox and PS4 versions of Battleborn dips in India

Gearbox has recently released its first person action shooter Battleborn over PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game garnered around 2 million players over its beta phase and received fair reviews. The game dons the mantle of a MOBA and resorts to a first person mode. Now, the Indian games retailer, Games The Shop has announced their deal with Gearbox’s Battleborn. With each purchase of the PS4 and Xbox version of the game, a free collectible figurine will also be given away. To top it up, the prices for the console versions of the game will also be available at Rs.1,999, which is a significant cut off in prices. Again, it’s only for the console version. Battleborn GameplayBattleborn shares its gameplay style somewhat with Team Fortress 2 and Blizzard’s Overwatch. It is not a typical first person shooter like Call of Duty or Counter Strike. Unlike Overwatch, this game is a MOBA at its core with all of its elements pointing towards it. From turrets and minions, everything matches to the MOBA genre. From dark wizards to master swordsman, the game is replete with unique characters; it also sports a campaign mode as well as a multiplayer mode (obviously). Although, the game did not receive as much attention as it’s contemporary Overwatch managed to draw around 9.7 million beta players, it still seems like a fun game to play. Now, with these marketing strategies, the company might be looking forward to gain some attention and increase its player base.