Preschool series, ‘Becca’s Bunch’ flies worldwide on Nick Jr.

Produced by Jam Media, the world premiere of preschool Becca’s Bunch is slated for 2 July on Nick Jr., the UK. The show casts of cute handmade puppet characters with some special visual effects, giving the show a unique look and feel. It also has catchy songs written by Irish electronic rock band Jape. The cast includes Becca, a little bird (catchphrase: “Let’s wing it!”), with big ideas living with her friends who are ever-ready for an adventure. Confident, Russell the squirrel (catchphrase: “Macadamia!”) is the energetic, playful, and hungry one. Pedro (catchphrase: “I’m digging it!”) is an earthworm that is knowledgeable, stretchy, and courageous. Sylvia the fox (catchphrase: “Abra-ka-bag-rah!”), the youngest, carries a deceptively deep bag of random objects that come in handy on the Bunch’s adventures. In Wagtail Woods, Becca lands herself and her Bunch–Russell, Sylvia and Pedro in some situations. But it’s in the midst of these moments, Becca’s ideas, heart, positive thinking and leadership skills really shine. Thinking on her feet, Becca will urge a generation of kids to never give up, aim high and have big ideas.