Prayan Animation celebrates its nine-year anniversary

It is a testament to the passion and commitment that stood against a hailstorm of adversity (last of which was a global pandemic), that Prayan Animation is celebrating its ninth anniversary on 3 May. From its inception as a small two-person startup by its founders, Remesh Ram and Vinayan V, to the firm that it has grown into today, the road wasn’t easy, nor did they have signboards to refer to. But they have ventured into yet another year with their steps bold and head held high.

Ramesh Ram and Vinayan V

During the time of the pandemic, as the global scenario started to dwindle, when the office had to close, they held on, relying on long-distance communication methods for every step of their projects. With their unity and determination, they have completed successfully all the tasks that came their way with utmost care on quality and client satisfaction. But perhaps that optimistic approach to working, to bring laughter in their works, might be one of the reasons why they remained while many of their contemporaries had to fade away.

Meanwhile, in the long run, they have created many IPs; among them, they have decided to release, Dino Hunters, which tells the story of the lovely yet devious Dino and the hunters chasing him. A chase comedy series, a pure entertainer, the series shows the twists and turns of these people trying to catch Dino, and the brilliant way of Dino escaping from their carefully planned trap again and again!!! Regarding its storyline, the team had a clear vision and pipeline and were well equipped with ready to animate 50 stories. They already have five animated episodes to air and are simultaneously working on the production phase of other episodes. Hopefully, Dino will reach everyone’s vision to entertain by the end of 2021 via OTT platforms. Simultaneously, to make the Dino a world wide concurring series they are inviting investing partners to hold hands with them. 

For those reasons, this nine-year anniversary is special where they have decided to remind themselves of the path they have endured through their newly released signature movie, showing their brand logo evolving in fairy tale visualization. But that is not all; it is not just a commemoration of the past that is happening, but their new short film titled Dreams which obviously shows that they are looking into the future as well. The concept nurtured from the dream of a creative brain at Prayan and showcases how a minuscule thought can change the whole perspective of life. With this strong message Dreams and Signature Movie will be on air on behalf of the anniversary which portrays what Prayan is, how they reached here, and what are they dreaming of.

The other major attractions of Prayan is that they have a separate wing solely focusing on Animated Explainer video creation – their sister concern “Explainer Video Makers”. They extricate the exemplar from convoluted and monotonous ideas and convert them into brief, honeyed, and intelligible explainer videos. Within this limited period, they have helped many organizations and startups to showcase and brand their products/services to the targeted audience by delivering quality Explainer Videos. Next, they have a department uniquely working for the creation of Children’s Book Illustrations. With the best creative team, they think out of the box on every project and deliver high-quality creative outputs beyond client expectations. They are passionate about their craft, uniqueness, the satisfaction of the clients, and timely delivery and it forces them to challenge themselves to deliver the best impression on every work.  

Prayan is a cluster of different departments working together to achieve their vision, divided into departments of preproduction, production, postproduction, HR, and finance and united in their struggles and works, they look forward to all the years to come, ready to tackle anything that comes their way, together.