Post Office Studios partners with Asian Paints to launch animated film series for the ‘Colour Next’ campaign

Post Office Studios, a leading animation and new media technology company based in Mumbai, has partnered with Asian Paints to conceptualise and produce five animated films for their campaign ‘Colour Next 2020’. The campaign was released at India Design ID 2020, the country’s most definitive design and home decor week. Every year, Asian Paints brings together the best of design and research principles to curate trends of the year, that reflect the aesthetic of that time. These trends are later translated into home decor themes for the upcoming year. The four diverse trends this year are Sonic, Potent, Blend and Mystique, in addition to Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year for 2020, Curiosity. Post Office Studios analysed the studies conducted by the brand to arrive at each visual messaging that could justify the design trends. The process involved frequent mood boarding and discussions with the research and design teams. Once the themes were finalised, the next step was to create films that could elevate each concept visually without losing its meaning.
Aditya Tawde
Post Office Studios chief creative officer Aditya Tawde said, “Our goal with these films was to do justice to Asian Paints’ year-long research and resulting trends, while lending each of them a distinct visual look and feel unique to the trend in question. It’s always exciting to brainstorm on the visual depiction for the Colour Next series, since the output is an interesting blend of the existing research undertaken by the brand, the diversity of each trend, and design and animation treatments that are currently trending within the industry. As with our other projects, our creative process involved putting together a huge stylescape of references resembling each trend, which we used as a base to identify the ones most appropriate. For this year’s series, we also made the decision of not having voice overs for our films, allowing the visuals to be the highlight, complemented by meticulously designed music and sound design that matches the mood of each animation.” The team at Post Office Studios has always believed in the power of creative collaboration. Keeping this in mind, they connected with over 100 artists across the world, specialising in 3D and 2D motion design, music composition and animation, to create this film series. The idea was to use different mediums and creative styles to represent each theme. The final production team comprised 22 artists from the UK, Spain, USA, Sweden and India. Defying the normal timelines, Post Office Studios was able to complete the production of these five films within a month, from conceptualisation to the final release. Over the years, Asian Paints has evolved itself from just a paint brand to a complete design solution provider. The campaign ‘Colour Next’ is the perfect example where the company converts its research into definitive design and home decor ideas. Post Office Studios has been working with Asian Paints since its last series to help them translate their vision into reality.