Popular preschool animated series ‘GOGO BUS’ season 10 debuts today

The 10th season of Winsing’s preschool animation TV series GOGO BUS is slated to debut in China on 11 August. In the first run, GOGO BUS season 10 will be aired on all the major TV channels and more than 30 online portals, which include Kaku TV, Aniworld TV, Alibaba YOUKU and Mango TV.

Targeting school-aged children and led by the beloved protagonist GORDON, the AI rescue school bus, the field trip of the sunshine study group meets some new challenges. This time, the journey takes place in the world of snow and ice, where they head to polar regions to explore nature. 

With the concept of social-emotional learning, featuring a play and learn storyline, starting from children’s curiosity and love of observation, combined with immersive experience, GOGO BUS is created for appeal to a worldwide audience enjoying the study journey with Gordon. 

BEEP! BEEP! It’s Gordon Time again! A new immersive journey starts.

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