Pop rock band Imagine Dragons record song ‘Zero’ for Disney’s ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

Imagine Dragons, the Grammy-winning band behind recent hits Natural and Whatever It Takes, wrote and recorded the end-credit song Zero for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Ralph Breaks the Internet. In the movie, video-game bad guy Ralph struggles with his evolving friendship with fellow misfit Vanellope Von Schweetz. According to Imagine Dragons’ lead singer Dan Reynolds, the film’s emotional themes are reflected in the song Zero. “It’s a pretty timely movie in a lot of ways in that it addresses some of the issues of identity and loneliness unique to this internet generation,” says Reynolds. “Ralph’s internal struggle for self-acceptance really resonated with us, and this song speaks to that.” “It’s a bold choice for an end-credit song because it’s about someone who feels like a zero, someone who hasn’t always felt worthy, someone who’s allowed his entire sense of self to rely on a single friendship. When that friendship is threatened, there’s a lot of insecurity,” Moors added. “We can all relate to that feeling,” adds Johnston. “But the song tells us we’re not alone. They nailed the theme of the movie in a way that also makes you want to dance.” Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 unleashes havoc on 21 November 2018.

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