Pokemon animated short series to air on YouTube in January 2020

Pokémon Company International has announced a new short series, Pokémon: Twilight Wings, a seven-episode short series airing on the official Pokémon channel on YouTube from 15 January 2020. Over the span of seven episodes, Pokémon: Twilight Wings will show in detail the dreams of Galar’s residents, the realities they face, the challenges they must overcome and the conflicts they must resolve. Galar is a region where Pokémon battles have developed into a cultural sensation. Each episode of the series which is approximately five minutes in length, and will be animated by Studio Colorido, the studio behind the film, Penguin Highway (2018), a waddling mystery with visuals reminiscent of Ghibli movies. Directed by Shingo Yamashita who worked on Naruto Shippuden openings and sound director Masafumi Mima who has worked on various Pokémon movies and series, Pokémon: Twilight Wings will be launched by The Pokémon Company International on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.