Pocket Games opens game testing studio in Pune

Pocket Games, a video game development and testing company focused on full-spectrum game testing and the acquisition and growth of innovative IP in the video game space, announced the incorporation of a game testing studio in Pune, India. The company launched its sales and marketing efforts in support of the new testing capacity at the recent (GDC) Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

“I have visited several locations here in Pune and Mumbai and interviewed several of the industry’s key personnel during my stay. I believe that we have chosen the right team to start the studio and are in the process of signing contracts on a location that will be ideal to service global gaming companies operating as ‘Indie’ developers in both the mobile and fixed unit spaces, such as PC, and Mac,” stated Pocket Games CEO David Lovatt.

David continued, “The scope of testing capabilities we can provide, from compatibility and compliance to functional and localisation, we expect will generate profitable revenue streams as well as provide a solution to the company’s own testing needs which are currently outsourced.”