PlayStation 5 might be revealed in February 2020

Sony has already confirmed that the PS 5 would be coming out this year. While the a date or price have not been confirmed as of yet, the speculations are running high. The PlayStation 4 is undoubtedly one of the most successful consoles in quite some time and PS 5 needs to outdo its predecessor and hence the specs are features would be something to keep an eye on. These have been a few reported leaks on the features, dates and prices in the recent past. According to one of the earliest leaks in mid 2019, published on Dexerto, the console will be coming near the end of 2020, November to be precise. Priced at $499 (around Rs. 34,500 approximately). However there has been a fresh stir in the space. According to a recent leak from an anonymous user on 4chan, the upcoming console will be revealed on 5 February at the Sony Hall in New York City. Even though the reveal, according to the leak, is slated for February, the launch is still stated for October this year. However, pre-orders are rumoured to start with the launch event itself and the price is apparently identical to the aforementioned leak. One of the major excitement point for the enthusiasts is the “backwards compatibility”, which is likely to allow players to play games of all the console’s previous editions. Even though the leaks have not been confirmed by any sources, it is likely that we get some announcements from Sony soon. Let’s hope!