PlayBig partners with Dottodot on preschool music series ‘Musenito’

Newly established Paris-based Play Big and Taiwan-based Dottodot have partnered to produce Musenito, a fun and innovative show for pre-school children to encourage them to discover the joy of creating music, as announced at Annecy 2019. Musenito (working title) will be developed as a 52 x 5 minutes CGI animated series and a collection of apps and toys. The show is about learning music through a fun and intuitive journey. It links abstract music concepts to strong, simple images which preschool children can easily relate to. It promotes kids creative, critical and music thinking skills to encourage them to become active music-maker. Inspired by Bafta awarded and acclaimed series What’s the Big Idea (produced for Cbeebies while at Planet Nemo Animation) and developed by Puech, the series will be developed based on the original concept created by Dottodot. It was sold in over 100 countries. Musenito will be produced in association with Puech’s Something Big animation service studio. The agreement marks the first major announcement from Puech since he recently announced his exit from Planet Nemo Animation as the president. During this time, Puech produced fifteen series and more than 600 episodes of animation, including the series Bali, Mila Twisted Tales, Rita & Whastit, What’s the Big Idea, Groove High.