Platanista Games’ newest launch allow players to be in their favourite wicketkeeper’s suit

Cricket and the Indian fans is the match made in heaven. It is that one game which has indeed maintained the circle of life over the years. Today, in an Indian household when there is a cricket match, a family with grandparents, parents and children enjoy it together over samosas and cold drinks. India constitutes 90 per cent of one billion cricket fans: ICC research. Cricket has over one billion fans globally; with the Indian sub-continent alone constituting more than 90 per cent of them, according to the largest ever market research into the sport conducted by the ICC.  That is the reason why cricket has opened a wide market for the business prospect from cold drinks to fantasy sports, to gaming cricket has explored everywhere.
IN10 Media vice president corporate strategy and development Mansi Darbar
Similarly, Platanista Games by IN10 Media is a gaming studio was created keeping in mind the Indian audience and their love for games as IN10 Media vice president corporate strategy and development Mansi Darbar told to AnimationXpress in an interaction. Currently, the studio has above 15 members who are working on creating and developing casual games with live-gaming formats like quiz, housie, bid and win, and more. The studio recently launched game Super Keeper on 10 February keeping the interest of the Indian audience. Darbar added, “Most of our brands under IN10 umbrella are India-centric as we know the crux of the Indian audience. With an understanding of the Indian minds, and consumers love for playing games we have created Super Keeper with an Indianised appeal.” Here is the excerpt: What kind of the game Super Keeper is? Super Keeper is a 3D casual sports game wherein the player takes the role of the wicketkeeper with a goal to achieve the maximum number of catches in the cricket match Wicket keeping is one of the main aspects of cricket has always been given less importance hence we wanted to create a game which taps on the potential of wicket keeping Can you share a brief about the gameplay? The main USP of Super Keeper is that the game is available in 4 different languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and English to cater to audiences from different regions of India One of the most prominent features of the game is that it allows you to don the hat of different and ones’ favourite wicketkeeper from any part of the globe Are u planning to roll out the game for other platforms as well? Currently, Super Keeper is available to Android and iOS users. However, we have a robust pipeline and we will announce new platforms very soon. What are the challenges you have faced while designing the game? The main challenge was to keep the excitement intact with the gameplay being in different regional languages. As there is a possibility of the translated gameplay in regional languages losing the real excitement of playing the game. What are the tools your studio uses in the design and development of games? What is the studio’s workflow? We follow an agile process. There are daily stand-up meetings conducted within the teams to keep track of the development and progress of the games. Parallelly, we have an ideation team who brainstorm, visualises and defines the detailing aspect of a game from a 360-degree gaming worldview. We use tools like Unity, Construct,  Auto Desk Maya, 3DS Max and many more. How long has it been since you started working on the game, design-wise? We have a long pipeline of games that we aim to publish this year. In the next six months, we aim to publish a new game on a monthly basis. How has been the response so far? It’s just been three weeks from the launch, however, the game has been well received. What is your goal for 2020? Develop more games, connect with major IPs and get a good market share in the gaming industry What is your inspiration mantra for the budding game developers? Follow your vision, transform the vision into virtual reality and aim for the sky.