‘Planet Of The Apes’ sequel may begin production soon

The Planet of the Apes franchise is one of the all-time great science-fiction franchises. And now, there is news surfacing a sequel project is underway for the franchise with director Wes Ball, who says production could begin soon. Ball, who directed The Maze Runner movies, is working on the next Apes film for 20th Century Fox, owned by Disney. Being a movie heavy on CGI, Ball and Fox could get started on making the movie sooner than later. Back in February, Ball tweeted that “it’s safe to say Caesar’s legacy will continue.” Ball verified that instead of a reboot, the sequel will be an extension of the 2011 trilogy and is expected to be a continuation of the three films that came before it — a part four. Ball also announced they have an impressive team working on concept art for the film and that it is officially moving forward. In fact, Bell even hinted they “could actually be in virtual production relatively soon because it’s largely a CG movie.” There have been no other major announcements on the upcoming Planet of the Apes movie until now, but the sequel is an exciting prospect to look forward to, especially with the familiar talented names behind the project.