Pixar SparkShort ‘Out’ soundtrack is now out!

Disney has released the soundtrack for the Disney+ Original Pixar SparkShort, Out, Pixar’s first project with a homosexual protagonist.  The Out music album is now available on digital platforms including Amazon and includes two tracks by Jake Monaco, who previously scored music for two other Disney+ Original shorts for Pixar – Lamp Life and Forky Asks a Question. The third track that has been written and performed by Natasha Adorlee. The track list includes – Burying the Bone (4:32), OUT (0:51) and Pink & Purple (3:28) by Adorlee.  Directed by Steven Clay Hunter, Out revolves around Greg (voiced by Kyle McDaniel), who is going to move in with his boyfriend, Manuel (voiced by Caleb Cabrera) and fears to ‘come out’ to his parents about it. But hell breaks loose when his parents show up on the moving day. What follows is a hilarious ride as Greg has his body swapped with his dog Jim with some divine intervention. This 10 minute animated short shares a lesson of living authentically though it’s easier said than done. Greg decides to come clean to his parents only after listening to his mom’s confession, and the film ends on a positive note to hopefully make parents realise and understand that being gay is ‘normal’ and isn’t a ‘disease’ to be ‘cured’ or ‘rectified’.  Out is streaming on Disney+ and Disney+Hotstar in India. 

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