Pixar short film ‘Lamp Life’ to reveal Bo Peep’s untold story

Disney+ and Pixar have released the official trailer for their upcoming original short Lamp Life featuring Bo Beep’s untold adventures before Toy Story 4. Pixar tweeted, “Expect an unexpected journey.” At the behest of Woody and her new pal, Officer Giggles McDimples, Bo recalls everything that’s happened to her since Toy Story 2. “Overall, life on a baby lamp isn’t that exciting — or maybe too exciting,” she teases. “Which took us on quite the unexpected journey.” Lamp Life sees Bo through electric fires and antique stores, frat parties and snow storms and all the wild adventures in between. Toy Story 4 saw the lovely porcelain maiden return to the franchise since the second installment from 1999. The upcoming short will reveal how Bo became a lost toy since we last saw her in Toy Story 2. The voice cast for Lamp Life includes Annie Potts as Bo Beep, Jim Hanks as Woody, and Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby. Toy Story 4 is currently up for animated feature at the Oscars. Lamp Life will begin streaming on Disney+ from 31 January.