Pixar artists to discuss ‘Onward’ on Foundry Webinar; Elves, Centaurs and More

Having set a high standard in the world of animation, Pixar movies have regaled the audiences for years! Animators and artists have always aspired to imbibe and emulate the craft that Pixar is known for. In this global lockdown induced by the pandemic, many educators and software companies have launched a flurry of sessions featuring the absolute Gurus of the field of animation and visual effects.

Foundry recently announced a webinar featuring Katana and Pixar’s Renderman and how their tools helped Pixar arrive at the images in the movie ‘Onward’.

Pixar’s latest feature film, Onward, combines the mythic with the mundane, as two brothers try to find magic in the suburbs. 

Foundry shared, “During this presentation, Tim Best will show how magic was created for the big screen, literally, as he describes the challenges of lighting a fantasy world full of elves, centaurs, and spellcasting with the Foundry’s Katana.”

They further shared, “Sarah Hutchinson will dive into Pixar’s core rendering technology, RenderMan, talking about the state-of-the-art features used in Onward and then look ahead, showing how new advancements in rendering technology are already impacting VFX pipelines for the better. It’s a great opportunity to see the latest technology coming from Pixar.” Foundry is a software company that believes in advancing the art and technology of visual experience in partnership with creative leaders around the globe. Clients and partners include major feature film studios and post-production houses such as Pixar, ILM, MPC, Walt Disney Animation, Weta Digital, DNEG, and Framestore as well as automotive, footwear, apparel and technology companies such as Mercedes, New Balance, Adidas and Google. Foundry partners with these companies to solve complex visualization challenges to turn incredible ideas into reality. Don’t miss the webinar on 19 May 2020! Pixar artists and developers will join us and will discuss their work on Onward and Beyond! We’ll also get to see the latest technology coming from Pixar.