Pidilite Dr. Fixit’s latest TVCs showcase the talent and creativity of Indian animation industry

The latest Pidilite Dr. Fixit ad campaign which is grabbing eyeballs during the IPL breaks is a work of art. Exaggerating the reality of leaking ceilings in a middle class house, the creative team has managed to make the ad look funny and relatable at the same time. Conceptualised beautifully, the latest Dr. Fixit advertisement is produced by Crocoise Films and the amazing animation is done by Vaibhav More Films. Prasoon Pandey, the director of the ad film was keen on making the advertisement appealing with funny yet believable graphics. Executive producer Cyrus Pagdiwala got in touch with Vaibhav More Films, who created the entire animation project in a open source software, Blender. The technique used in creating the visuals is known as rotomation, and is now gaining popularity in India. AnimationXpress got a chance to talk with Vaibhav More Films founder Vaibhav More, about the entire process of creating a TVC including CG/animation. “We had only two weeks to prepare before the shoot. The entire team during the shoot and in the studio was very co-operative,” he said. The TVC which sees humans turned into sea creatures also casts Amitabh Bachchan. While talking about Amitabh Bachchan’s professionalism, Vaibhav More Films founder Vaibhav More mentioned,”With his energy level and professional attitude, the entire shoot scheduled for two days was completed in a single day and we got an extra day for CG work.” More did the designing, texturing and animation of characters. His team member Rohan Bhalerao created the characters, rigged and rendered them. Pravin Badiger, an intern at Vaibhav More Films did motion matching, while Nitin Patil who has worked on Baahubali final sequence, worked as a freelance compositer. More and his team took exactly one month to complete four advertisements, out of which three were selected for the campaign. Three ads include water creatures like turtle, frog and octopus. The campaign was loved all over and received appreciation from the client Pidilite. “Client kept asking in which country the animation was done, which was a proud moment. My team is a good example to show what Indians can do in animation,” More added proudly. The TVCs are an output from the Ogilvy advertising agency. The talents involved in the making of the ad also include copywriters Talha Bin Mohsin and Arnab Choudhury, DOP Sylvester Fonseca, line producer Geeta Laxman, art director Teepee Abid, art asst Sandeep Sharma, production manager Sandeep Chougule, prod. team Sushaant Raja, Agnelo Dí’Souza, offline editor Davinder Konsal, post supervisor Ankur Bharat Patel, CG/animation: Vaibhav More Films’ Satendra Wanjare and Nachiket Gogia amongst others. More and his team showed the animation industry what astonishing work can be created using open source software. He wishes to give back to the community and share knowledge about these software in India. He dreams of opening up an institute to teach the aspiring animators and make them understand more about the open source community.