philmCGI appoints Sanjay Rajan as studio head at Thrissur

Renowned Pune-based studio, philm CGI has appointed animation supervisor Sanjay Rajan as the studio head at the Thrissur branch which was recently set up.

With over 20 years of demonstrable experience behind him, Rajan has worked with various animation studios; likes of which include Toonz Animation Studios, Krayon Pictures, Prana Studios and Xentrix Studios. As an ardent movie buff, he is often captivated by myriads of emotions and expressions that human beings are capable of which he likes to replicate in his work.

Speaking about his appointment, philmCGI MD Anand Bhanushali said, “Sanjay has worked with me personally in the past for more than five years and hence we were sure and looking forward to work with him in someway or the other. We are extremely happy and pleased that he is onboard finally with philm CGI and look forward to this amazing partnership.”

Expressing his thoughts on being hired as the studio head, Ranjan shared, “PhilmCGI is the team I worked with earlier in Krayon pictures, and we had bonded over some excellent work. Most of the time, the quality of the project and the satisfaction in seeing it through depend not just on the script but also on the team, the understanding you share, and the support you receive. It makes the project an enjoyable experience for everyone. I share such rapport with this team. I look forward to making some amazing content as part of the PhilmCGI team.”

Over the last eight years, philmCGI has sprinkled their magic into countless stories for screens and audiences across the world. They’ve collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers, producers and artists out there – breathing life into characters and crafting narratives that last.

With new talent being roped in at the Thrissur branch, the studio is all set to give life to many more stories from both domestic and international markets.