PhantomFX:”The leeway Government has given to post production works in Tamil Nadu is beneficial for VFX studios”

With post-production work such as editing, dubbing, DI, rerecording, sound designing/mixing (with a maximum of five people) and VFX/CGI (with 10 to 15 people) given a go ahead from 11 May 2020, Monday, many studios have found relief in these unprecedented times of upheaval and uncertainty.

Given the fact that crores of rupees of rupees were blocked due to the sudden stalling of projects, FEFSI (Film EMployees Federation of South India) had earlier beseeched the government to permit the post-production services. In response to the appeal, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palanisamy took this decision albeit with a few restrictions.

The resumption of post-production activities will presuppose mandatory travel passes for workers with strict social distancing measures and wearing of masks along with other measures advised by the center and the state government.

Welcoming this step, PhantomFX (a VFX studio based out of Chennai) shared, “In the light of current happenings, PhantomFX welcomes the Government’s decision and sees this as a good start.” Although studios have expressed that this step does not substantially fulfill the needs, this would provide some reassurance and relief in this pandemic-induced lockdown that has stalled all operations in its wake.

They shared, “We are allowed only 15 persons per studio for VFX works. Right now, we feel that it does not cater to our needs fully. Because, to have our VFX needs met, we will require at least a 50 member crew in minimum to handle any mid-sized project.”

Speaking about the delay that was caused because of the pandemic-led nationwide shutdown, “We welcome any initiative taken by the government in this regard. The leeway Government has given to post production works in Tamil Nadu is beneficial for VFX studios to ease the current situation and we expect more relaxations in the coming days.”

We hope other state governments take a leaf from this step and provide similar relief to the verticals in the Media & Entertainment space.