PGConnects Bangalore 2016 concludes amidst much fanfare and knowledge sharing

Reliance Games a developer and publisher of mobile games today announced the winners of the ‘Game Hack’ competition on the second day of its international mobile gaming conference – Pocket Gamer Connects. This is the second year in a row that PG Connects has seen immense reception and participation from the Indian gaming community. The second day of the conference focused on tracks like ‘Indie Academy’ and ‘East Meets West’. The day began with a Superstar session with Moonfrog Labs, director, Mark Skaggs speaking on the topic of ‘Want to make a hit game? Top 5 lessons for success’ The ‘East Meets West’ tracks saw session hosted by Zynga on high quality player experiences, an ultimate success panel by world leading designers such as John Newcomer, the best growth opportunities from 2015 to 2020, latest trends, techniques, and opportunities in the hottest markets. There was also a session on supercharging game monetisation for Indie Developers and the principles for success. Mobcrush, head of business, Greg Essig shared latest trends like eSports in the mobile gaming segment and how community building is vital for gaming. PGConnects Other sessions held were from the Indie academy where indie game developers came and shared their experiences and success stories. Speakers like Yellow Monkey Studios, founder, Shailesh Prabhu spoke about making games for global audience and increasing your reach rather than making local games; Dropout Games, co-founder, Ankush Madad talked about how game which did not pick up on Google Play store did exceptionally well on Apple App store and Roosh Interactive, co-founder, Srinivasan Veeraraghavan spoke about making multiplayer games and challenges that come with it. One of the highlights of the conference was the finale of the pan-India Gaming competition, “The Very Big Indie Pitch”. Top 20 finalists of Reliance Games’s Game Hack pan-India game development competition, chosen from over 100+ Indie developers, battled it out for the winning the VBIP Grand Prize including, $50,000 worth of marketing investments and $15,000 of cash prizes. Speaking on the second day of PG Connects Bangalore, Reliance Entertainment Digital, CEO, Amit Khanduja said, “We are proud to conclude yet another successful Pocket Gamer Connects – Bangalore, a platform which saw some outstanding creations from the gaming community. Within a short span of two years, the platform has given gaming enthusiasts an opportunity to gain practical advice, learn from the hottest indie developers, meet publishers and international media as well as get a glimpse into the  trends that will be shape the future of gaming.” Khanduja further added, “This year, Game Hack saw avid participation from Indie developers from across India and even parts of Asia.  The jury was impressed with the quality of Indie developers and their innovative ideas. Our objective in partnering with these indie start ups is to provide strategic investments in technology and marketing, combined with deep-dive mentoring on analytics, design and monetization that  is aimed at enabling them to launch their games successfully in global markets.”