PepperScript explores ‘crowdsourcing’ for its new title ‘Unmasked’

PepperScript publishing house is giving a chance to budding authors to publish their stories with them. With a different perspective and new approach to this publishing arena, the PepperScript team is coming out with an anthology named Unmasked that will reveal as many sides as possible of a woman ‘Ruby’, in the form of a collection of stories. “We have provided a theme and character Ruby. All the people participating in this contest have to prepare their own story in not more than 2,500 words. After that we will evaluate the story and the top 25 will get a chance to feature their stories in this anthology,” revealed PepperScript founder Sanchit Goel to Along with promoting new authors, Sanchit’s aim is to spread readership among the masses. The story revolves around Ruby, the protagonist of the story, who is 25 years old, has fair and clear complexion with a constant brooding look on her face. Along with this, she has deep set honey coloured eyes, dark brown wavy hair till her shoulders, sharp nose and clearly defined jaw line. For this contest the company has tied up with a magazine – Writer’s Ezine, which is headed by the chief editor Namrata and the project is being managed by Keenjal Patel. Not only this, the participants also have the choice to choose from various genres, that is the story can be written with Ruby as the lead character in the form of horror, thriller, romance, murder mystery, sci-fi and many more, but the content should be original and previously unpublished. The entries for this is open till 31 March midnight and once selected, the authors will be required to pay a submission fee. As for the reason as to why it is named Unmasked, Sanchit says, “We chose Unmasked as the title because we are unveiling different facets of a human mind. We want to look at human nature from an objective, scientific, third person point of view; one that any competent observer could adopt in order to confirm or disconfirm his assertions.”