OnlineCasino: This is how avid gamers will look like in 20 years

OnlineCasino [dot] ca have created model ‘Michael’ which, they say, is what avid gamers will look like in 20 years if they don’t change their behaviour. Since at lockdown many are bored Brits have turned to gaming in the hopes of filling their time stuck in the house. But a new study looking into the effects of gaming on the human body may put you off gaming for a while as OnlineCasino hold a mirror reflection of gamers in 20years with a new grotesque creation out in the world and this time it wants to warn us of the perils of video gaming. The researchers explained: “The visualisation shows that Michael has pale and pasty skin from years of being in artificial light and the result of lack of Vitamin D and B-12. He has stress-related eczema across his legs and arms and a permanently bent back from poor posture.” Michael has painful bloodshot eyes due to extended periods of time staring at a screen. The model also has an indent in his skull due to consistent, light pressure of wearing a gaming headset. Unsurprisingly, years of gaming have had a detrimental effect on Michael’s hands and there are many more horrifying features. Researchers explained: “A condition that slowly develops over time, a hyperextended neck, rounded shoulders and hunchback will start as a dull pain occasionally and work its way from your neck to your hands and back as the strains slowly create a bend in the neck which creates the hunchback. This is caused by elongated periods of time sitting in uncomfortable positions without stretching or counteracting with regular exercise.” Based on the findings, the researchers, Diver Joe Casino are urging gamers to take proper breaks from their gaming sessions.