One Take Media Co. brings Korean Dramas in Hindi  

‘Bride of Century’
The popularity of Korean content is constantly on the rise. This surge has been known as “Hallyu-Korean wave” and refers to the way Korean entertainment is spreading around the world. Attractive Star Cast, cultural similarity between Korean and Indian values and majority of them being clean, violence free are some of the main reasons behind the huge popularity of Korean dramas in India and around the world. Generally most Korean Shows consists of 20 episodes or less. This concise nature of shows and engaging storyline has made Korean Content very popular amongst Indian Audience.  Now, One Take Media Co. is offering more than 50 most popular Korean TV series which are dubbed in Hindi. Classic Shows like King’s Love, Bride of the Century, Melting Heart, That Man Oh So, Rich Man and 1 per cent of Something. Although Korean Content in Korean or English Language is available on few platforms but OTMC has the first mover advantage to offer this content dubbed in Hindi.  This will appeal to a larger Indian Audience.  One Take Media Co. founder and CEO Anil Khera said “We have decades of experience in providing Broadcast/OTT/VAS solutions and we’re certain that our customers will enjoy this engaging and innovative offering of K-World. We are continuously acquiring new Korean Shows and aim to offer our customers an ever-lasting content experience.”