One Take Media acquires 3D animated series, ‘Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies‘ for SAARC region

One Take Media (OTM) has acquired the rights for the globally popular 3D edutainment animated series Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies for SAARC countries. Consisting of 104 episodes available in English, Hindi and other languages, Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies comes from the makers of global hit animated series Boonie Bear. The series, Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies has won the Festival’s distinguished Platinum Remi award at the 45th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival in Houston, Texas. According to its official website, WorldFest is the oldest independent film and video festival in the world, and one of the three original international film festivals in North America. One Take Media founder and CEO Anil Khera said, “A good children’s show ought to teach you something. Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies reminds us that problem-solving is often best accomplished as a joint effort and coincidentally, we live in a vast world worthy of exploration at even the most minute level of existence. Watching Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies will  be a delight to children and this will nurture  the children’s budding quest for knowledge and will inspire them with a healthy respect for life in the natural realm.” The animated series revolves around the lively workings of the insect world which is sure to attract young minds. They will get an insight into the habits and habitats of actual insects of many kinds, and will learn how these creatures thrive in their environment—a lush wetland called The Marsh. Among its inhabitants are Bartle Bee, the uncommonly observant honey bee; Flutterby, the pretty butterfly; Strobe and Sparkle, firefly twin brothers; McBroom, the honest, kind hearted and tough critter in the land and Joe Croaker is the only frog in The Marsh. The Marsh is always buzzing with activity, and little viewers will be captivated by the lively blend of action. These heroes bring their collective skills and ingenuity to bear on life’s challenges in The Marsh, and in the end, are rewarded for their efforts. OTM is one of the leaders in providing value Added Services to DTH, Telecom, OTT and Cable industries. Their services include Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies dubbed in Hindi, Kids Animated Movies/shows, Celebrity based Cooking shows and Korean TV series.