OLM and Shotgun in spotlight as Autodesk India host networking event

Autodesk country manager Shekhar Rohira making the opening remarks
Autodesk India organised an exclusive business networking and information sharing event on Tuesday with OLM Inc. and Shotgun in Mumbai recently. The event commenced with the UK-based Shotgun technical specialist Andrew Lawrence sharing valuable insights into the Shotgun software and the benefits that it brings to its users.
Shotgun product specialist Andrew Lawrence
It included production tracking, review and asset management toolset for animation and VFX. Lawrence also shed light on some of the latest feature inclusions into the software and how it can be availed by users for a certain trial period. “One can easily access the tools and integrations by simply subscribing for a month’s trial. There you get complete access to all our sites” he said. OLM inc. is  Japanese animation and film studio well-known for Pokemon anime TV series and movie. It has recently tapped into live action TV drama and feature-length film, working on VFX and CG. Presenting the same at the event was OLM Inc head of R-and-D Tatsuo Yotsukura, who explained the work done for the animated film Rudolf and Black Cat with 3D animation and rendering softwares, Maya and Arnold 4. The talk also focused on Shader and plugin development as well as cloud rendering and their advantages.
OLM R-and-D head Tatsuo Yotsukura
Yotsukura then showcased a clip entailing some of the Japanese anime shows done by OLM, including Pokemon, Beyblade, Atom: The Beginning, Pikaia, the all-girls band Bang Dream, Cyborg 009, Kong: King of the Apes, Tomica: Hyper Rescue and many more. On the significance and the importance of such events, iRealities managing director Prasad Ajgaonkar shared his thoughts on saying, “It was a good event. Such engagements are very important. We are already in talks with Shotgun for an investment, as it has been very efficient for us.”