Nuclear Man to be the villain for the new Superman comic series

Nuclear ManBrian Michael Bendis launches his second in series of Superman comic which brings along Nuclear Man—the most hated supervillian from the film Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. He made the revelations, during his takeover of DC’s Instagram account, the Superman movie’s most popular villain will come to comic books. The post featured an eye-catching piece of art, drawn by Ivan Reis, depicting the supervillain in an angry frame of mind. In the caption, Bendis has written, “People started challenging me to put him in my run,” ending the caption with, “Challenge accepted.” After 30 years, Nuclear Man will return but this time on comic pages. The Nuclear Man played the main antagonist in the Christopher Reeve-starring Superman IV. Nuclear Man (played by Mark Pillow) was created by Lex Luthor (played by Gene Hackman) by launching Superman’s hair to a nuclear missile into the sun. This generated the solar powered supervillian in his jagged costume and silver claws. Despite of powerful characters and story, Superman VI failed commercially and acquired critical reviews. Thus, the career of Nuclear Man ended and was never revisited, till now. According to Bendis, the time has come for Nuclear Man to return. No revelations are made towards the entry of the supervillian to DC comics. Nonetheless, it would be pleasing to see all the beautiful pencil renderings of Nuclear Man in the comic by Ivan Reis. And perhaps now, Nuclear Man will receive his due respect and popularity through DC comics.