‘Now You See Me’ mobile games to be developed by Lionsgate

Bearing in mind the considerable applaud that the film Now You See Me gained, Lionsgate has planned to make this franchise into mobile games by partnering with Side-Kick VR and mobile developer Kiwi. One of the games will be developed by Side-Kick VR on a premium mobile virtual reality experience based on the original 2013 Now You See Me film. However, in depth details of the interface and content of the game have not been revealed. As the film is based on magicians and is mystery driven, the game can be expected to be a puzzle of illusions with investigative solving as the key element. The second game, which is being developed by Kiwi, is described as a narrative and story driven game. Lionsgate has been teaming up with various development studios in the past to create games based on its famous franchises. A first-person shooter game in collaboration with Starbreeze and Grab based on John Wick is also set to release.    According to a report in Hollywood Reporter, both the mobile games based on the magical film will launch this summer. While, Now You See Me 2 distributed by Lionsgate is set to open in theaters on 10 June 2016. Now You See Me